In the Market for a Hero

Meemaw told me that

As I read about President Roosevelt’s role in recovering the nation during The Great Depression, I learned how much of a hero he became to many of the people. They hung pictures of him on the wall, they prayed for him, respected him, listened to his every word during his Fireside Chats (radio programs in which he’d give the nation a pep-talk, convincing them that the nation wouldn’t fall apart completely).

They’d needed a hero and they’d found one in him.

In fact, many of them didn’t even know the extent of his disability. All images of him using a wheelchair were kept out of the papers and the fact that he couldn’t walk, dress, or bathe himself remained hush during his presidency.

They’d needed a hero who was strong. They’d found that in FDR, even if his strength was more in character than in physicality.

Fortunately for them, Roosevelt had been a man who was capable of bringing about recovery. He was a man who desired to do what was right for the people in this country. He brought relief to the poor.

That’s not to say he was perfect. Nope. (Just watch the Ken Burns Roosevelts documentary for more on that).

I think that when people are in need, when they’re approaching hopeless they are in the market for a hero, someone who can prop them up, help them out, fix them a little.

The folks in A Cup of Dust are eager for a hero. They have a humble one in Tom Spence (Pearl’s father) and an eager one in a man named Eddie. What they learn is that, when in the market for a hero, sometimes you end up with a villain instead.

But I guess you’ll have to read the book to learn a little more about that. (Tease, I know).

The book officially releases on October 27. Don’t want to wait? I have a few events coming up in West and Mid Michigan where copies will be sold ahead of the big release. 

September 24, 7pm: Author Invasion at Kregel Parable Stores in Grandville, Michigan

October 20, 7pm: Pre-Release Party at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan (I’ll give a little talk about the Dust Bowl, read a little from the book, and there will be fun prizes, too!)

October 22, 7pm: Book Release Party and Signing at Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, Michigan (the student mall)

I’d love to see you at one (or a few) of these fun events!

2 Comments on “In the Market for a Hero

  1. So – this is a busy week, and Thursday is my tech-free/cleaning day. Perhaps I shall reward myself with a trip to Grandville Thursday evening if I am a “good girl.” (Whatever works, eh??)


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