School Days Cometh

Hi. Before I get to my Monday blog post, I wanted to make sure you knew about the fun Launch Team I’m putting together for A Cup of Dust. Read more about joining the team (there are no try outs…everybody makes the team) by clicking HERE. Thanks, friends! 

My empty van on the first day of school last fall. Sigh.
My empty van on the first day of school last fall. Sigh.

Two weeks from tomorrow I’m going to be a mess. A hot, slobbering, weepy, mascara running mess.

Two weeks from tomorrow I’ll drop my little tiny babies off at school where they’ll be in third grade and first.

Who lets babies be in third and first grade? Who just lets babies hop out of the mini van, brand new crayons in backpacks, to walk into a school full of people and scissors and…and…countless other dangers like multiplication tables and relay races?

But then I look at them and realize how big their feet are, how they are all reading chapter books, how they can all swim and ride bikes and understand mild sarcasm and remember that they aren’t babies anymore.

(cue gagging sobs)

They were once, though. And not all that long ago. My boys turned 7 in June. My girl will be 9 next month. That’s not much space between doesn’t-recognize-their-own-hands to writing-in-sentences-about-all-they-can-do-on-their-own.

Their childhood is chug-chug-chugging down the tracks and I’m just hanging on for dear life and trying to teach them a couple of things along the way.

So, I hope you’ll forgive me if I take the next two weeks off from blogging. I need this time, this focus, to squeeze the last great bits out of summer. I’ll be back on September 9 with my ramblings, Depression Era recipes, A Cup of Dust news and giveaways, etc. I’ll post 3 times a week and will be sure to bring the best I can to you.

Until then, I need to have some fun with my favorite kids on the planet.

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