Double The Coffee Because I NEED It


It’s Friday. There’s only one week left before school is out for the summer. Sweet mercies do exist.

This morning I’m blogging from my phone. Sorry for all the typos. But this is the only way I’m getting a blog done today.

And the only way I’m going to last through this day? Double the coffee.

And that’s okay.

I see your statuses. You’re all going through the ringer. End of the school year. Busy time at the office. Deadlines and projects and vacations, oh my!

Can we do something together? Can we be people who grant each other grace? Who dole out mercy? Because I think we could all use a big pile of “It’s all right” and “You’re doing great” and “No biggie”.

And coffee. We all need extra coffee.

Happy weekend, friends. We’re all gonna make it.

9 Comments on “Double The Coffee Because I NEED It

  1. can I have diet Pepsi instead of coffee? And I’ll take a nice 12-pack – lol. You’re completely oh so right … it has been a not so nice past few weeks. I’ll take a heap of mercy and grace and give the same right back at you – and anyone else I come across who needs some.

    It’s okay, Susie. You got this! ❤


  2. No coffee for me – yuck. Serious Cherry Coke-age, however! Grace is great, especially for those of us kissing our youngest good-bye as they prepare to go off to college!! Vallium, anyone???


    • Stop talking about it. I keep seeing Katie’s posts and it’s making me all emotional! I need to drink a Cherry Coke with you, my friend.


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