Inspiring Wonder


Lawrence Ferlinghetti Have you ever watched birds? I mean really watched them?

I don’t know why, but over the last year I’ve become distracted by birds. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and the flashy, loud things don’t call to me as much anymore. I’m more intrigued by the chirping, fluttering, nesting critters.

They inspire my wonder.

This year the Breathe Christian Writers Conference theme is “Awaken Your Wonder”. I’m on the planning committee for this conference and have been pondering the word “wonder” since we decided on the theme.

As I think on it, I realize that wonder is often lost in the mix between going here and there and doing this and that. I mean, May, my friends. May. Isn’t it the busiest month?

But it’s also a month which is full of wonder. Blooming irises. Budding lilacs. Nests full of eggs. Longer days and vibrant sunsets.

As a writer, wonder is another tool in my box. It’s an important one. Essential, even.

Today, I need to remember to awaken my wonder.

It’s just a matter of being intentional.

(NOTE: if you’re a writer, I’d encourage you to think about coming to Breathe. Two days of inspiring workshops, keynote presentations, new friends, encouragement, COFFEE!!!!!!! Now until July 31 the earlybird rate is $130. I’d love to see you there! Register Here.)

7 Comments on “Inspiring Wonder

  1. I just noticed our irises starting to bloom today…May is a wonderful month. We have a high school senior, so it’s busier than usual this year. Thanks for another great post! I can’t wait for Breathe…


    • Oh, Robyn! A senior! You must be running in constant circles. I hope you’re able to enjoy this time, even a little. So glad your irises are blooming. Aren’t they beautiful?


  2. Spring is certainly full of magic. What is it Anne says in Anne of Green Gables, “Oh Marilla aren’t you glad you live in a world with May?” or something like that lol


    • I think something like that! I can’t remember, but it’s close to that. I am thankful for May, just not the busy stuff that comes with it.


  3. I’ve been more interested in birds as we moved into town I’ve wanted to take some country with me. I can’t wait till Breathe! It’s an encouraging family-feeling conference! Also this Spring has been one of the most beautiful with so many tulips in Holland here, bushes, flowers and trees! Glorious praise to the Maker!!


  4. Last fall God brought the word “wonder” to the forfront of my thoughts by inviting me to chase wonders with him. And ever since then he keeps bringing this word across my path. Like little reminders or love notes from him. This post and the theme for Breathe this year are two more examples of how he continues to inspire and bless me. Just had to share! Thanks, Susie!


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