The Beauty of Rejection

Rejection isn't the end. It's a chance to try again. This week is a crazy one. I’m speaking at three different schools to three different age groups about one thing: Writing.

Today I’ll be at an area elementary school. The coordinator asked that I talk about my background in writing (basically we didn’t have cable, video games, or a computer in my house…but we did have a kazillion books and a nice sized backyard…imagination was my favorite toy). She also asked that I talk about the hard work that goes into it.

Thinking about my writing life, I got to contemplating the rejections.

Why would I want to focus on that? Some of the rejections have been painful, some of them were unexpected or rude or just plain mean.

I focus on the rejection because it’s part of my writing. Each rejection has played a part in who I am as a novelist.

I went to where I keep special papers and pulled out a letter I received from an agent. “You have flashes of good writing but overall it (Paint Chips) still needs work.” I opened my email file with all the rejections. “Don’t give up.” “Your story is important.” “I have faith you’ll find a home for it.”

And then the rejection that makes me giggle a little…”Um…I’m going to have to pass.” (I’m not kidding, that was the whole email. Funny.)

I look back at those rejections and see how I didn’t quit. I pressed on. I cried a little, ate a little chocolate, and went back to work.

And I see where God has put me. The opportunities He’s given me to write my stories. And along the way, I’ve learned that rejection isn’t the end. It’s a chance to try again.

And that is a beautiful thing.

10 Comments on “The Beauty of Rejection

  1. This is great Susie- it makes me want to pretend to be an elementary student today;). I sit on my “work” still afraid of rejections lol so this was great:)


  2. SO true. LOVE this – ALL the kids who will hear you this week will be blessed. Can’t wait to get a report from my son. 🙂 Rejection IS a chance to try again. Needed that reminder (and so does my son – hint hint LOL)


  3. I am SO glad you kept trying! If you hadn’t kept on going I would have missed out on some terrific books! I can only imagine the pain of those rejections and I hope all the people you have touched have eased that sting.

    Someone very close to me keeps encouraging me put things in writing – she seems to think I can. lol.


    • Thank you, Beth! You know, the rejections lose their sting after awhile. Not to say I love them, but they don’t hurt as much anymore.

      What do you have to lose? Go for it!


  4. Thanks Susie, I’m looking through a few friend’s blogs tonight, and going through a little “dry” and discouraging period in my writing. So this is encouraging. Ya gotta cry a little, eat a little chocolate, pray a LOT, and move on! (I do!)


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