The Beauty of Rejection

Rejection isn't the end. It's a chance to try again. This week is a crazy one. I’m speaking at three different schools to three different age groups about one thing: Writing.

Today I’ll be at an area elementary school. The coordinator asked that I talk about my background in writing (basically we didn’t have cable, video games, or a computer in my house…but we did have a kazillion books and a nice sized backyard…imagination was my favorite toy). She also asked that I talk about the hard work that goes into it.

Thinking about my writing life, I got to contemplating the rejections.

Why would I want to focus on that? Some of the rejections have been painful, some of them were unexpected or rude or just plain mean.

I focus on the rejection because it’s part of my writing. Each rejection has played a part in who I am as a novelist.

I went to where I keep special papers and pulled out a letter I received from an agent. “You have flashes of good writing but overall it (Paint Chips) still needs work.” I opened my email file with all the rejections. “Don’t give up.” “Your story is important.” “I have faith you’ll find a home for it.”

And then the rejection that makes me giggle a little…”Um…I’m going to have to pass.” (I’m not kidding, that was the whole email. Funny.)

I look back at those rejections and see how I didn’t quit. I pressed on. I cried a little, ate a little chocolate, and went back to work.

And I see where God has put me. The opportunities He’s given me to write my stories. And along the way, I’ve learned that rejection isn’t the end. It’s a chance to try again.

And that is a beautiful thing.

10 Comments on “The Beauty of Rejection

  1. You are so right. It’s just part of the writing life. Thanks for the encouraging post.


  2. This is great Susie- it makes me want to pretend to be an elementary student today;). I sit on my “work” still afraid of rejections lol so this was great:)


  3. SO true. LOVE this – ALL the kids who will hear you this week will be blessed. Can’t wait to get a report from my son. 🙂 Rejection IS a chance to try again. Needed that reminder (and so does my son – hint hint LOL)


  4. I am SO glad you kept trying! If you hadn’t kept on going I would have missed out on some terrific books! I can only imagine the pain of those rejections and I hope all the people you have touched have eased that sting.

    Someone very close to me keeps encouraging me put things in writing – she seems to think I can. lol.


    • Thank you, Beth! You know, the rejections lose their sting after awhile. Not to say I love them, but they don’t hurt as much anymore.

      What do you have to lose? Go for it!


  5. Thanks Susie, I’m looking through a few friend’s blogs tonight, and going through a little “dry” and discouraging period in my writing. So this is encouraging. Ya gotta cry a little, eat a little chocolate, pray a LOT, and move on! (I do!)


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