Get to the Point

wpid-img_20150313_115741.jpg The other day I was writing (yes, hand writing) and realized that I was beating around the bush. I was describing too much, adding too much unnecessary detail and dialogue and action.

I was avoiding a big kaboom event that would get the story rolling. Why? Because it would toss my characters into the muck of conflict and I didn’t feel like they were ready yet.

Um. Note to self: characters are never ready for conflict because real life people aren’t.

So, I went on and on, rambling away. Then I told myself to get to the point. In fact, I wrote it in the margin of my yellow page. Get. To. The Point. Stop farting around (excuse my french) and get to it!

I do this all the time. I stall, hoping for a little more time to get myself together. In my writing, in my relationships, in my housework. Instead of just getting busy scrubbing the stove-top, I find about a kazillion other things to do. It wouldn’t take me too long to get the scrubbing done, but I’m stalling for time.

I just need to get to it.

Do you do this too? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

So now I’m going to practice what I preach and get to it.

4 Comments on “Get to the Point

  1. I do this all the time, especially when I’m writing a blog post or other nonfiction. I’ve heard it referred to as ‘throat clearing.’ It’s not uncommon for me to draft a blog post or an article, and then chop the introduction by half or more during the second draft.


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