Jot 5 Needs Your Help!

I’m so excited for Jot! If you’re a writer or think you might like to learn more about writing, this is the place to be! See you there!

Josh Mosey

jot_logoAt the risk of plagiarizing myself, I’d like to share some ways that you (yes, you!) can support the Jot Writers’ Conference. You see, Jot 5 is right around the corner (March 13, 2015) and it would probably be good if we had some people there.

Why? Because I honestly feel that this Jot will be the best one ever. Our speakers are top-notch. We have more workshops than ever. And the venue (Baker Book House) is still a beautiful place to be. So why not roll up your sleeves and get the word out with me about the best free one-night writers’ conference on this side of Heaven?

Pile-of-MoneyThere is a reason Jot is free. Most writers aren’t rolling in piles of cash. We understand that. In fact, we represent that.

So here are a few ways that you can help us out for little or no…

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2 Comments on “Jot 5 Needs Your Help!

  1. Just called (and talked to a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC man whose name has escaped me) and reserved my ticket. I really AM coming this time, Susie! And I’m excited!!!


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