14 Things I LOVE About My Job

Untitled designValentine’s Day is almost here! Yippee Skippee!

Actually, I’ve never been big on the day. I think the day was ruined for me in 2nd grade with Eric R. gave me a conversation heart that said, “Buzz off” and told me that he only gave me a Valentine because his mom told him to. Sad face.

So, today I’m going to redeem the holiday for myself by saying 14 things I love about my job.

What? I have a job?

Yes, of course I do! I’m a full time writer! I know it seems like all I do is sit around and daydream…but…

1. I love making up stories.

2. Reading is part of my job.

3. Sometimes I get emails from people who love what I wrote

4. Holding a copy of my book for the first…seventh…twentieth time.

5. I get to hang out with other writers all the time. Writers are cool people.

6. Ann Byle is my agent. What’s not to love about that. (I really love her a lot)

7. I’m on the planning committee for the Breathe Writers Conference (I run the blog and I love it!)

8. I get asked to lead workshops at both Breathe and Jot Writers’ Conference (because I’m kind of good at pretending I know what’s up in the writing world)

9. The massive amounts of money I rake in…Ha ha ha haha! Yeah. That was a joke.

10. Being a little eccentric is expected of me.

11. People think I’m a super human (really, though, all I can do is write…I can’t do math and I’m a terrible employee. TERRIBLE I tell you)

12. My kids’ classmates think I’m cool, even though they’ve never read anything I’ve written. At least I hope they haven’t.

13. Books are a write-off

14. YOU! I love this community that we have here on the blog and on Facebook. I can’t say enough how I have the greatest friends and readers in the world. Many of you I would never have met if it weren’t for my job. I love that very much.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Remember it isn’t all about smoochy face love, but about the unconditional love we can give and receive. I’ll be teaching at church on Valentine’s Day and hope to remind them of how very much Jesus loves them. I hope you remember that, too. I need the reminder, myself.

4 Comments on “14 Things I LOVE About My Job

  1. Being single .. I tend to ignore Valentines Day. BUT this year our church is holding a benefit dinner for a couple who are neighbors of mine and are near and dear to my heart. So I will be there (early) to decorate and help get things ready – and then praying to watch people flock to the dinner and help out my friends. Can’t think of a better way to spend the day that loving on my friends 🙂

    And I like #14 a LOT!!!


    • Very cool, Beth! I hope it goes well! Love is so much more than romance. It’s friendship and our relationship to God and our families. I think it’s beautiful that your church is putting this on!

      I like #14, too!


  2. And I love that you write, else I wouldn’t have gotten to know you! I love going to your workshops, the privilege of having you as a guest at our writing group, your humor, your books, your friendship with this ‘ole lady, (gosh I guess I should have had a 14 point list too..lol!) and btw… the boy un second grade wasn’t too smart and he lost out. AND… Jesus loves YOU very much too Susie! Have a great week!

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