The Cover of A Cup of Dust

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There is nothing like seeing the cover art for your novel for the first time.

I remember going with my sister when she tried on dresses for her wedding. A few of her friends talked her into trying on one that she would have never picked for herself. But when she stepped up on the pedestal and looked in the mirror, she gasped.

She knew right at that moment that it was thedress.

That’s how I’ve felt about each cover of my books.

Here’s how it works. The author fills out a survey for the cover artist. Basically, it outlines major themes, what the protagonist (main character) looks like…And from that, the artist puts together a few “comps”. The publisher has the first look, selecting which they like the most. Then the author gets a peek at them. He or she either loves or hates it. If they hate it – well – I’m not sure what happens. That’s never been my experience.

This time, Kregel sent me two comps. I happened to fall in love with this version instantly.

That was a few months ago. And I couldn’t show the cover until I got the okay. Images needed to be purchased, fonts needed to be tweaked, it had to become hi-res (which I have no idea about).

While I waited, I’d open the email with the “comp” and gaze at it, so over the moon by how gorgeous it was, anxious for the day when I could share it with everyone.

So, here it is. And I’m now looking forward to the day my friends and readers get to hold the book in their hands (or ereaders). I really believe that you’ll love Pearl Spence and her family.

As a side note; the other day I posted this cover to Facebook. The response was overwhelming. I feel loved and encouraged. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I truly do have the best friends and readers on this planet.

8 Comments on “The Cover of A Cup of Dust

  1. Susie I. Love. The. Cover!!! No wonder you can sit and gaze at it! It’s so captivating, and I’m sure the story will be too. It shows the setting, and I can picture what little Pearl’s character might be…she’s looking into the future with a hurt but healing heart and looks strong and determined in a soft sort of way…I absolutely love the promise of the rainbow through the middle of her life. It is so beautiful, I’m going to gaze at it again too. Can’t wait to read the book!


  2. Susie, your LOVELY cover and comments above prompted me to relive my own experience. My heart beat wildly as I opened the attachment to view what the publisher’s design team had come up with for “The Painted Table” . . . and I was crushed! I was terrified that what was presented would go onto thousands of books when it did NOT accurately represent the story! Unable to contain emotion, and being entirely too long-winded, (but with my agent’s approval) I sent back a somewhat blistering response, (a big no-no!) Of course, they assured me that as professionals, they knew what would sell. But obviously they took my words to heart because a few days later, they sent me an alternate — which made me cry with relief. It perfectly captures the drama of the book. Not only that, but the girl pictured could be me.


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