Do Something About It

wpid-wp-1422279254231.jpeg You see this clock? It’s been hanging in my kitchen for 11 years. For as long as I’ve been married that darn clock has tick-tocked like a fool, making my eyelid twitch. I’ve written three novels in the same room as that infuriating clock, trying to ignore its annoying sound.

For eleven years, this clock has made me angry.

This morning, as I sat at my computer trying to figure out what to blog about, I thought, “Maybe I wouldn’t have such a hard time focusing if that CLOCK WOULD JUST STOP TICKING!!!!”

Then, genius struck. Inspiration washed over me.

“Take the battery out of the clock,” I thought. “You’re an adult. This is your house. You spend more time in it than anyone else. You hate that clock? Do something about it!”

So, I did.

I grabbed a chair, reached for the clock, and tore it from the wall. As soon as I pried the battery out of the back, it was as if the angels were in full voice. And what did their song sound like? NOT A TICKING CLOCK!

You know, there are many times in my life when I’ve been upset/frustrated/discouraged. Some situations were completely out of my control (tornado, death of a loved one, disruption of a friendship). Those were times when I needed to rely on the help of others, prayer, divine intervention.

But then there are times when I just want to whine about — well — about an annoying clock. Or the extra – ahem – few pounds I carry around. Or that nobody put away the laundry or cooked dinner or…or…a host of other things. I moan and groan and wish something could be done. Oh me. Oh my.

What ever could the solution be? Oh. The solution is that I do something about it? Hm.

That’s the difficulty for me. Taking action can be a risk. What if my husband’s annoyed that I took the clock down? What if I can’t reach it? What if I’m late because I can’t see what time it is?

Well, if it’s a problem, we’ll just put another clock up. That noisy one could be moved to another room (preferably one I NEVER EVER ENTER). It’s not permanent. It’s okay.

It’s not a big deal. I can do something about it.

And this peace now? It was worth the tiny risk.

Now…if I could only get that refrigerator to stop humming…

According to Psychology Today, the extreme hatred of certain, every day noises is an actual disorder called Misophonia. To learn more about this…and why I can’t stand to hear someone chewing…click here.

5 Comments on “Do Something About It

  1. lol omgosh Susie … the hate chewing part is SO SO true! I have two major rules (pet peeves): #1 – chew with your danged mouth CLOSED. Insert the food, close your mouth, THEN chew; #2 – do not EVER, I mean EVER talk with food in your mouth. My nephew has lost more than one bag of doritos or chips because I could not STAND listening to him chew. I seriously pulled off the highway taking him and a friend of his to Michigan Adventure to take their dang bag of chips away. *giggles* It also makes it interesting going out to eat with adults and I’m all like “please close your mouth”. Er, um, sometimes its not said quite so politely.


      • I once worked for a social worker who dictated (via tape machine) an entire two hour family history for adoption – and she was eating an apple the ENTIRE time. By eating, I mean chomping. And IN MY EAR. I lasted less than a minute listening to it – took the tape back to her and told her I was not going to listen to hear eat an apple and talk (at the same time) IN MY EAR. I made her redo it.


  2. Good prompt for me to DO SOMETHING about the “tick-tock” things in my life! However, I have failed for years to “encourage” my dear husband to stop tapping/wagging his foot, drumming the table, etc. I can only change ME, but don’t try near as hard as I try changing him 😦


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