Time to Read

Reading while cooking.

I read a lot.

Last year, I kicked off in January with the Empty Shelf challenge from Jon Acuff. Every time I finished a book, I added it to a previously clear shelf and took a picture of it.

But then I got comments like, “I wish I had time to read” and “SLOW DOWN! You’re making me look BAD!” and “I’m jealous of all your free time”. Now, FYI, I was not offended by any of those comments. They didn’t annoy me or make me feel superior, either. I did, however, stop posting pictures of the books I read because I feared some would think I was bragging. Also, I didn’t want to make people feel badly about the amount of books they read.

When I started posting pics this year, I had the same reaction. Sigh.

Here’s the deal. I don’t look down on your reading. It doesn’t matter if you read 5 books last year or 105 (which is more than I read, by the way). I think it’s super that you read! Also, if you read fluff, go for it! I’m not judging you!

Oh, and another thing. I was taught that a writer needs to read a super ton. That training has helped my writing grow and mature. I was also trained (by high school teachers and college professors) that I needed to read a vast array of books. This, also, has helped to strengthen my writing.

I am a full time writer. This is my job. And although it doesn’t bring home a load of cash (seriously, writers aren’t usually able to support themselves on their royalties and advances), it’s my career. Reading is what keeps me on my game.

Accountants have to keep up with new tax laws and they have to continue practicing their math skills. Doctors and nurses are always educating themselves on new treatments and medicines. Builders need to learn new techniques with the variety of structures they work on.

It’s the same for writers.

By the way, any writer who says they don’t read is cheating themselves and their readers. (steps off soapbox and runs away from the angry mob)

As I told someone the other day, if I stop reading or decrease my literary diet, my writing brain would shrivel up into a crusty raisin. Nobody wants that to happen.

How do I find time to read? I make it. Read more Here. Want to read more about the advantages of reading for the writer? Click over to This post.

6 Comments on “Time to Read

  1. I think its incredibly sad that anyone would post something that, in turn, makes you stop doing something that you enjoy – and that is sharing with US what you read and what you got from reading that book. Personally, it encourages me. And because of books YOU have read, I have picked up books that I normally would NOT have. And read some incredible books. Seriously. I’m rereading A Thing of Beauty for the second time. Already.

    This geeky fangirl begs you to keep posting, keep showing pictures (cuz sometimes there are more than one book with the same name).

    And most of all I hope that you do know how incredible you are. Now . *grin* where is my Cup of Dust!


    • Beth, I’m so glad you found a love for Lisa Samson’s work. I bet you’d love Runaway Saint just as well. I dare you to read that. And The Passion of Mary-Margaret and Embrace Me and Resurrection in May…

      I’ll keep posting the pics this year. I had a few people say they wanted to see the pics. And I’ll blog about the books every once in awhile. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Um…Fall, my friend. Fall is coming.


  2. You’ve already challenged me to read more this year and I’m 3 books into filling my shelf, with at least 2 underway at the moment — including “Jayber Crowe” by Wendell Berry. I’ll have to check out “Hannah Coulter”. I love Berry and I’m grateful for the introduction to him at the Breathe workshop!


  3. I read more last year than previous years! It wasn’t 100 books, but I tackled some big nonfiction ones. Nonfiction take me longer. I love seeing what you’re reading!


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