Merry Christmas

Merries of Christmases

I blew it this morning.


You know how some snow boots have that removable liner? Well, sometime between school getting out yesterday and this morning, one of those stuuuuuuupid liners disappeared.

I always tell people that, if my sanity flees, it will be the fault of lost mittens and boots.

My reaction to that lost liner? Nothing I’m proud of.

Now, don’t think I blew a gasket or hurt my kids. But I sure could have reacted better. With grace.

It was one of those mornings when I needed to hug my kids and apologize for how I reacted to my frustration.

Did you know that there is little else more humbling than needing to ask forgiveness of your children? Did you also know that there is nothing more beautiful than receiving that forgiveness?

Adults, just a sidebar here: It is super important that we apologize to the kids in our lives when we’ve been wrong. Super. Important. They learn from us to be humble, to take responsibility for our actions. They learn what it means to forgive. And we learn what it means to be humble and we learn a whole lot about pure grace.

When my kids gave me their forgiveness and hugged me back, it made me realize how desperately I need Christmas this year.

Yeah, I need the break. I need to be with my kids for a few weeks. I really want to see my family. And a couple sugar cookies wouldn’t hurt, either.

But I need Christmas because it’s a big, huge, red and green reminder of how much I need Jesus.

One of my boys has spent the last 6 years listening to other people pray. Never – and I mean NEVER – has he prayed out loud. We don’t push it. That’s got to be his moment. Right?

Well, the other day, he prayed out loud at bed time. His prayer was simple, pure, and so beautiful.

“God, thank you for Christmas. Without Christmas, we’d never have Easter.”

That’s why I need Christmas. Because I cannot make it without the chance of forgiveness, redemption, peace.

And, today, I’m thankful for my three who showed me a glimpse of what that can be.

Friend, I do wish you a Merry Christmas. I have hope that you will find joy in this season.

I’m taking next week off from blogging. I’ll see you back here on December 29. 

4 Comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. Give yourself the same grace you would so easily pour out onto any other person you love, who was caught in a similar situation. You know you would be all comforting and encouraging. Do your Father a favor and be as caring to yourself! He’s already used it to bless me!
    You and yours be filled with the Blessings of Christ’s birth this Holy season!


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