The Thank You Note


Today I have the honor of being featured on the Chacos site as their Holiday Blogger. I’d really love it if you’d hop over and check it out. Click HERE to see it!

Give Thanks

One of the very first table manners we teach kids is to say, “Thank you”. Why? Because we value gratitude. We hand our child a sippy cup and ask, “Now, what do you say?”.

When they respond with thanks in their little voices, it makes us proud.

We’re raising them well.

When my kids were smaller we rarely, if ever, went out to eat. Dinner with a family of five can get expensive, so when we did go, it was a special occasion. Still is, really. I remember the very first time my daughter expressed her gratitude to the server without needing a reminder.

I was so proud, I just about bubbled.

Then I thanked her for using her “best-good manners”.

Yesterday after school my kids asked if they could use my stockpile of “thank you” cards. They wrote messages to their teachers, thanking them for what they do (teachers really deserve all the thanks we can give, by the way. They are real life super heroes). They were so excited to give their thanks.

Then, my daughter bounced over to me (she always bounces when she’s excited). She handed me an envelope.

“This one’s for you,” she said, giving me the biggest of her smiles.

It said, “Thank you for being my mom. Thank you for loving me.”

Oh. My. Heart.

If only she knew what an honor it is to be her mother.

I smiled and we hugged. She bounced away to write a few more notes.

That small note did a big thing for my heart. I’m sure you understand.

I have some thank you cards left. I think it’s time I used them up.

How about you? Do you write thank you notes? When have you gotten a “thank you” from someone that meant a lot to you? 

And, just for fun, here’s Jimmy Fallon writing thank you notes. 

6 Comments on “The Thank You Note

  1. Thank YOU for being my sister. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for always finding a way to make me laugh and not holding all the times I made you late for school against me. Thank you for marrying a Godly man and raising 3 amazing kids. Thank you for being you, Sooze. Never stop. The world needs what God has made you to be and it’s pretty dang awesome.


    • Bep! Thank you! You just made my day! I’m thankful for you too. How many girls can say they have such a great big sister? I love you!

      And I’m over being late every stinking day. I really am…. 🙂


  2. First, congratulations on being a Holiday Blogger for Chacos! Second, you made me cry (in a good way.) So thank you for touching my heart by making me remember past thank you’s from my children. Third, thank you for making me laugh again when I clicked on Jimmy Fallon writing thank yous!


  3. Susie, thank YOU for being my friend! You have blessed me in many ways through your FB posts and your blog topics. You’re a dear and sweet young woman who is setting a beautiful example for your children and others who cross your path. I’m thankful this holiday that I came to “know” you! Have a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!


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