wpid-wp-1416233353559.jpegMy husband came home on two separate occasions, hands held behind his back, giddy smile on his face.

“Wanna see what I’ve got for you?” he asked both times.

Now, I’ve learned to be cautious when he asks that. One time it was a frog that ended up peeing on my kitchen floor. I’m not kidding. Another time it was a much needed part for my van (whoopie). He’s a jokester, that Jeff of mine.

I’m not complaining, by the way. He makes me laugh like nobody else can.

Back to those two occasions I was talking about. One time, he handed me a book of Dorothea Lange photos. She is my all time favorite photographer. It was also a book that I could use to research for A Cup of Dust (my novel releasing with Kregel Publications next fall). The second time was a Life special publication that will help me with the novel I’m currently working on.

This man of mine is good at picking out jewelry. He gets me the prettiest flowers. But, what makes my heart pitter-patter extra is when he gives me gifts like those two books. Why? Well, because they’re books and I love books. But really, there’s another reason, a deeper one.

Those two books communicate his support of my writing. They tell me that he believes in me. He’s cheering me on.

Support is something we all need. I know that some of you have challenging jobs in an office, others of you are stay-at-home moms or dads. Some of you homeschool or volunteer your time at school or church or elsewhere. I know a few of you struggle with medical issues, either your own or a loved one’s.

Who is it that supports you? Who prays for you or sends you a card of encouragement? Is it a friend or a spouse or a pastor? Who do you support?

A whole lot of you have been such a great encouragement to me, and I truly appreciate that. I’m thankful for you. I sure hope I can be a support for you too.

6 Comments on “Support

  1. I’m so blessed. I have yet to meet a nay-sayer. My husband, family, and friends have all encouraged me. But my all time most helpful support? My Christian writers group!


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