The Author’s Husband

J and SEleven years ago this man and I stood at the front of a church and made promises to each other and God. We promised to be faithful and loving and respectful. We vowed to be together until death. I don’t know that we had a full idea of all the ways this world would try to pull at our devotion to one another. I don’t know that many realize that on their wedding day. But we’ve made it to over a decade of marriage. I pray we have many more decades ahead of us.

Back then I worked at a daycare. I wrote a little, but didn’t think it would turn into anything, really. To tell the truth, I didn’t have the confidence to do much with my words.

But this man had confidence in me. He told me to go for it. So I did.

He has hugged me after heartbreaking rejections. Rejoiced with each success. He’s given me time away to get work done, managed our family budget so that we don’t have to depend on my income, washed dishes and made meals when I was close to a deadline (even after working long days).

Jeff believes in my dreams – sometimes more than I do. He wants me to keep going. Even though he’s not a big fiction reader, he takes the time to read my little books.

Pile all that on top of his generous spirit, his solid parenting skills, and his deep well of love for our family and you’ve got a man who is showing our kids and I a great example of Christ’s love.

If I had it to do all over again, I’d still pick Jeff. Every time.

Anniversaries are never just-like-any-other-day to me. They are special because I get to celebrate them with Jeff.

Jeff and me and the contract for My Mother's Chamomile
Jeff and me and the contract for My Mother’s Chamomile

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