Guest Post, Susie.

I’m so honored to have a guest post over at Jessie Heninger’s place. Jessie is a dear friend and fellow writer. Her blog is sweet and lovely. You should look around at a few of her posts!

Jessie Heninger, Author

Today I am lucky enough to have my friend Susie Finkbeiner guest posting for me on my blog. Not only is Susie an incredible friend with a vivacious personality she’s also the author of TWO wonderful novels. I can’t wait for you all to read what she has to share. As an aside her books are on sale this week and let me say that I LOVED “My Mother’s Chamomile” and it’s on sale! Click HERE for details.


Everything I know about cooking I learned from my Grandma Relf. I’m sure my mom tried to teach me a thing here or there. But I didn’t pay attention (sorry, Mom) until my grandma taught me.

“Now, put a pinch of salt in,” she would say.


“You’ll need a tad of allspice.”

“What’s a tad?” I’d ask.

“I don’t know.” She furrowed her brow. Then she’d pour out a little of…

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