A Story For Sisters — A Guest Post With Wendy Paine Miller

I’m thrilled to have Wendy Paine Miller here once again. She was here a few months ago, talking about her novella
The Disappearing Key. She’s recently released her full length novel The Flower Girls which is on my to-read shelf. 

The Flower Girls by Wendy Paine Miller (A Story for Sisters)

I have three older sisters and now I’m immersed in day-to-day adventures parenting three girls. There must be something tying me to the number three.

I explore the intricate relationship of twins in my latest release, The Flower Girls. Recently I was asked if I spoke with a lot of twins to help me create more authentic characters. My answer…no. The sister closest to me in age, less than two years between us, felt like a twin on and off through the years. We experienced much of life together, enduring hardships and victories.

I wrote every word of The Flower Girls with the emotional and influential sibling dynamic in mind. Who we grow up with alters who we will become.

Do you have sisters? How has your sibling relationship helped to shape who you are today?


A little about The Flower Girls

Imagine staring into the face of a loved one with no recollection of who they are. Every person a stranger. Daisy O’Reilly’s inability to recognize faces, a cognitive disorder resulting from a childhood accident, causes her to rely heavily upon her twin sister, Poppy. Perhaps too much so.

Overwhelmed by Daisy’s needs, Poppy anticipates the freedom her upcoming wedding will bring—a chance to relinquish her obsessive worries about Daisy and escape the clutches of guilt from one hazy day when the girls were seven. When they were still invincible.

With a thriving floral photography career but a floundering love life, Daisy questions how strong she will be on her own. And who she might become without Poppy living down the hall or offering a deluge of reminders during each social interaction.

But for the O’Reilly sisters to properly let go, they must first understand what they’re holding on


“Wendy Paine Miller writes with gentle wisdom about the complexities of family relationships burdened with blame, secrets and loss. A poignant, emotional story about guilt, love, family, and the indestructible ties of sisterhood. Fans of Kristin Hannah will love THE FLOWER GIRLS!”

-Lisa Verge Higgins, author of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS


“Alternating between identical twin narrators with tragic secrets between them, Wendy Paine Miller’s THE FLOWER GIRLS examines what it means to recognize — or not recognize — ourselves in others. It’s a moving contemporary tale of blame, jealousy, longing, and how old scars can finally mend.”

-Susan Schoenberger, award-winning author of A WATERSHED YEAR

Goodreads Friends, Wendy has The Flower Girls listed as a give-away! While you’re entering to win one of two copies, go ahead and mark the book as “to-read”. 

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