WIN My Mother’s Chamomile!

All righty tighty, friends. It’s about time for a big give-away.

Are you ready?

You could win one of two fabulous prize packages!

IMG_20140329_102826Prizes include a signed copy of My Mother’s Chamomile, a Paint Chips tote bag, a super cute chamomile necklace, box of Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, and a cool travel mug (in brown or blue).


Already have a copy of My Mother’s Chamomile, you say? Not to worry. It makes for a good gift! Don’t wear jewelry or drink tea? Then give it away!


You could always tell your buddies about this give-away! In fact, that’s how you get more entries into the drawing!

So, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to enter the fun! And make sure to post on Facebook and Twitter every day for extra entries! I’ll announce the 2 winners on April 7!


a Rafflecopter giveaway (click the blue letters to find the Rafflecopter site…it’s really easy)

*Note: I’m sorry, but this give-away is limited to the Continental USA. But, soon I’ll do a digital give-away for the entire world. 🙂

21 thoughts on “WIN My Mother’s Chamomile!

  1. Ok… an original Hanson joke by Judah…. (I can never remember other jokes. )
    Me: “Judah what is photosynthesis?”

    Judah: “The disease where you take too many pictures… a lot of women have it. “


  2. Awesome giveaway!! Oh good heavens, I can’t think of a joke this late. But I love the photosynthesis one above, haha! And the latest thing making me laugh is the lip sync contest between Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd. 🙂


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