My Mother’s Chamomile

So grateful to be at Jessie Heninger’s blog today! Brew up a cup of tea and join us!

Jessie Heninger, Author

Image This is my favorite tea. Lady Grey, it has pretty flowers in it, is mild and oh I wish you could smell this tea, it’s amazing! My local bakery imports it for me because you can’t buy it online (at least not that I’ve found).

Today I have a guest post from a friend, Susie Finkbeiner. Not only is she sweet, caring, and very brave she’s also a published author! Her books “Paint Chips” and “My Mother’s Chamomile” are excellent. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you must! Click HERE to see her books or Here to check out her blog. Also leave a comment on this blog to win a prize package that includes a paint chips note book (get it) and a tin of my very favorite imported tea! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Here’s Susie:

Image Susie has been such an encouragement to…

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