I love winning things. Especially when those things are books.

You too?

Great. Here are 2 chances to win a copy of My Mother’s Chamomile!

First, you could win a digital download of the book through April McGowan’s blog. Oh, and while you’re there, you can read a little interview with yours truly. I’d love for you to hop over and leave a comment (that’s all it takes to enter the drawing). Click HERE.

Second, enter for a chance to win a paperback copy over at Amelia Rhodes’s blog. I also wrote a little post about mercy. Amelia’s been writing about loving your ordinary. It’s a great series she has going on. Super encouraging. I stuck with her theme. Loving the ordinary ways you can spread mercy. Go on over and enter by clicking HERE.

As always, thank you all for your support. I can’t tell you how powerful it is to have friends like you! So often, the writing life can seem very lonely. But I’m not lonely. I’ve got pretty amazing friends.

Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and the way you’ve all cheered me on.

It pushes me to keep going.

4 Comments on “#Winning

  1. I love the way you just connected me to Amelia and April’s blog, and also to Facebook, Twitter and just a huge trail of wonderful connections! You’ll have to teach me a few “techie” things! Thanks for your inspirational posts!


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