Confessions of a Drama Queen

cwaffeeI am a Drama Queen.

And everybody in my whole family just rolled their eyes. Seriously. I know they did. How DARE they?

You see, I’m the baby of my family. Drama was how I got attention. It was how I made sure they didn’t leave me at the grocery store or forget to feed me.

Poor, poor me. Oh! How I’ve suffered!


I just did it again, didn’t I?

Yes, I’m a Drama Queen. I admit it.

But I’m working on it. I’m slowly removing the rhinestone tiara from my head and tossing it into the trash.

Because being a Drama Queen has gotten me nothing but trouble. A whole lot of messed up friendships, hurt feelings, and a stupid amount of stress.

In My Mother’s Chamomile (you knew I was going to tie this into the upcoming book, right?), I’ve got a character who’s a bit of a Drama Queen. Her name is Deirdre. Throughout the novel, Deirdre is trying to sniff out the scoop. When she finds out a little tidbit of gossip, she magnifies it, making it worse than it actually is. She’s creating drama.

Nobody in town trusts her. They don’t respect her, either.

I seriously don’t want to be like her.

But sometimes I totally am.

Or, really, a lot of times, if I’m going to be honest.

And, when I’m acting like Deirdre, I steal joy from other people. I steal it from my family. I snuff out hope. I take time from my kids and my husband and friends.

And if I don’t stop this, I’m going to end up a shriveled up, bitter, raisin of a woman. Nobody wants to be around that person.

So, I’m letting go. Blocking things on Facebook that get my Drama Queen all revved up (ie, political posts). I’m giving myself a breather from dramatic situations. Praying for calm and peace and the ability to resist gossip.

The Drama Queen needs to go away. I need to give that part of my life up.

I’m not going to live for the drama anymore.

I’ll just save it all for my characters.



5 Comments on “Confessions of a Drama Queen

  1. Drama queens make the world much more interesting…when they use their reign for good and not evil. (Good grief, it’s getting late – does that even make any sense?) 🙂 Anyway, great post!


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  3. Naturally, you’re teaching your children to avoid drama at home and keep it onstage where it belongs…


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