This is a Thoughtless Post

I’ve got very little to say today.

It’s Wednesday. We’ve had three snow days. This week.

My kids are awesome. I’m not kidding. They have been troopers.

Super. Troopers.


So far we’ve had a glitter glue explosion. An apple in the toilet. A game of soccer in the living room (unauthorized, by the way). Cereal spills. Bean bag fights. Tears. Stuffy noses. Hungry (bored) tummies. Back, neck, and shoulder surgery on a beloved Polar Bear.

My brain is numb. All 100 words I’ve written this week (100 is VERY little) have been deleted. They weren’t good. They didn’t fit the flow and feel of the rest of the novel. Those 100 words ticked me off. They died. Erased into oblivion.

It felt good.

So. I have very little to offer you today. But I’ll give you this laugh. It’s from my friend Lorilee Craker. It’s about being the Worst Snow Day Mom Ever.

Because I love you all. Happy Snow Day.

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