Reading Like I’m 13 – Or Books 3 and 4 on my shelf

I’m on a book reading binge. I do this every year…usually around this time.

Typically, I’m a slow reader. I take my time. But right now I’m tearing through books like crazy.

Honestly, it makes my writing better. It’s part of the job. I don’t feel guilty or indulgent for sitting down to read. Plus, it’s VERY good for my kids to see me reading. It teaches them a love for books.

So, my shelf is filling up. (Sorry for the giggles…every time I say “my shelf” I think of my Grandma Relf…she was always talking about her shelf, but not the kind you put books on).

numba 3I read The Hunger Games forever ago (after I watched the movie and had to breathe in a bag for a week afterward). It was about time I read Catching Fire, the second book in the series. Fast paced. Heart attack inducing. This book was so well written. And SMART. I can’t say that for every novel I read. Collins is not only a good storyteller, she’s a good writer.

I’m waiting to read Mockingjay, the last in the series. But not too long. I’m really worried about Peeta.

IMG_20140108_084658After reading such an intense book, I needed something a little lighter. Plus, I wanted to know what all the fuss was in 1998 about a young chap named Harry Potter. So, I buckled after years of resisting and read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think my daughter’s quite ready to read it. She gets scared pretty easily. However, I caught a few theological themes within the story. Appreciated that the adults were the ones to bail out the kids. And that good and evil are so very distinct. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series!

Next up: Love Does by Bob Goff. I heard Bob speak in Chicago about a year ago. I’m curious to see what this book has to offer. It’s been highly recommended by several of my friends.

Your turn: What are you reading? What’s on your “to-read” list?

10 Comments on “Reading Like I’m 13 – Or Books 3 and 4 on my shelf

  1. Shelf. Teehee. I re-read all 3 Hunger Games over Christmas break. Oh my. I adore Peeta. Such a great character! I agree, very well-written. I’m in the midst of Bob Goff. We should chat when you finish. I’ve enjoyed it. Fun stories. I also started Satisfied 😉


    • “I always get potato chips on my shelf!” Ha!!!!!

      Yes. I’d love to chat about Love Does. I haven’t even cracked it open yet. And Satisfied is on my “to-read” list. Do you think the author will sign my book?


  2. I started to read Harry Potter as an adult before kids and had to wait for books 5-7 to come out but re-read 1-4 so many times! It was the most awesome thing ever when my oldest was in 4th grade and finally wanted to read them on his own. 🙂 we just watched the last 4 movies yesterday and it makes me want to go back yet again and reread them for the 10th or so time 😉 it is my most favorite series ever.


    • So I got to ask… As I haven’t read the Harry Potter series and my 9 year (4th grade) has read them and is rereading them again… Do you think that it is really dark? bordering on satanic? I only ask because we are watching the movies too and I couldn’t get over the 4th movie and how scary and dark it was. I guess it is a moot point since she has already read the books…but just wanted your opinions.


      • Well, I can only speak for the first book. I haven’t even seen the movies. I thought it was a bit dark. But not satanic at all. I think Amelia would be better to talk to…she’s read all of them and watched all the movies.


  3. Susie,
    I have all of the Harry Potter series if you would like to use them 🙂 It sounds like you would only have it for a day 😉 I am not much of a reader and I loved them.
    I also have all of the Left Behind series if you have not read them they are very good too.


    • Hi, Deb! Thanks! I think I’ll invest in the books so that my kids can read them when they’re a bit older. Plus, I like owning books…it’s an addiction for sure! Thanks so much, though. You are such a considerate friend.


  4. Well I guess I’ll add my two cents. I LOVE Harry Potter. They are so well written and so thoughtful. There isn’t anything satanic about them (in my opinion) and I believe that if Rowlings name was Tolkein or Lewis Christians would be all over them. However, they can be sort of scary and people do loose their lives, and as the characters grow so do the stories so be aware of that when reading them with young children. Frankly I am waiting until my kids are nine to read them to them but it’s been a very tough wait.


    • I agree with you completely, Jessie. And I am waiting to read them with my kids. Mine don’t really know much about Harry Potter yet. Maybe that’s because I just started reading them myself. 🙂


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