T-minus One Day

madI look well rested. Sane. Happy.

That’s because NaNoWriMo has not yet begun. My mad dash marathon to write 50,000 words (good ones, too, hopefully) in one month begins tomorrow. November 1. 12 am.

Oh. And at some point, I’ll receive edits for My Mother’s Chamomile. I’ll very happily switch gears then to work on those. Priorities.

Throughout the month, I’ll log my progress on my Facebook Author Page (have you liked me yet?). I’d prefer not to put it on my personal page. I don’t want to annoy all my buddies. But I’m happy to annoy anyone who is interested in keeping up with things.

Also, I’ll blog about the experience when I’ve got the time. If you don’t want to miss a post, you can go ahead and subscribe to receive posts in your email.

Alrighty. I’m off to do a little outlining and buy paper plates and a fridge full of convenience food. Sorry, kids. Mac n Cheese it is.



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