9,796.6 Miles

airportLast November, I sat at this table in the Gerald R. Ford Airport. A cardboard cup of vending machine coffee had made a ring of brown on the table. I’d spilled because, to be perfectly honest, I was nervous.

I was meeting Megan Sayer. For real. Face to face. An Australian was coming to spend time with me.

She’d come 9,796.6 miles. That’s a lot of them.

When she arrived, it seemed as if she’d only been a few states over. Maybe like she’d been in Idaho or Missouri. And that she’d only been gone a few days.

The nerves wore off right away.

meg and veg

She ate Vegemite in my kitchen. Weetabix at my table. Had fish and chips and lemonade (when what she really wanted was Sprite…I think…). Ate a Krispie Kreme. She had Thanksgiving. Twice. And both times I was thankful for her being part of my family on those days. And thankful that she loved the pumpkin pie. Even if it was out of a can.

meg and twinkieShe’d come 9,796.6 miles. And we couldn’t find her a REAL Twinkie. A friend brought over a fake one. But it worked.

After her few days in Michigan. She packed her bags full of sugar laden cereals and fun gifts for her family. I took her back to Gerald R. Ford Airport. We said our ‘good-byes’. We hugged. Tried to convince one another that a few years (even 5) go by quickly.

I watched her until she went too far past customs for me to seem non-stalkerish. I’d planned to wait until her plane took off. But I couldn’t do it.

Walking back out to my van, I felt lonely. Sad.

It would be a very, very long time before I’d see her again. I just knew it.

But, sometimes I’m wrong. And, I’m happy to say, that day, walking out to my van. I was wrong.

Because Megan’s coming back. And soon! I’ll see her in less than a month. And she’s bringing the whole clan!

This time, we’ll get to attend TWO writers conferences together. We’ll have a Sayer/Finkbeiner vacation (that will be ridiculously fun and uber relaxing).

What I thought would be years has turned out to be only months. And that, my friends, is pretty amazing.

meg and soozeToday’s Megan’s birthday. Well. Her American birthday. Yesterday was her Aussie birthday. But, when you live 9,796.6 miles away, you get two birthdays.


Happy Birthday, Megan!


Kangaroo, I guess!

Tell me. Have you had a long distance friendship? How did it work out? Are you still in contact? And…well…how about we all sing a little happy birthday song to Megan!

9 Comments on “9,796.6 Miles

  1. YAY!!! That’s super exciting, Susie! I really want to meet Megan this time, I was really bummed I missed her last year.

    I have a friend in CA that I’ve never met in person. She actually lives in the same city I was born, but that’s just a fun coincedence. When I lived in Portland, OR we worked for the same company – she did the customs paperwork for the trucks I sent out. We became great friends and I was supposed to go to her wedding, where we would meet in real life. Sadly, I moved back to MI before that could happen. We still keep in touch, though not as well. We send gifts back and forth. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Sarah that’s so sweet that you’re sad you missed me last time! I feel rather honoured. I have to warn you though…I’m not that exciting in real life ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ohhhh SUZE! You are such a treasure, thank you so much. Thank you so much for sharing your precious vegemite, and for buying me Weetbix – and Dr Pepper at midnight. I look a bit suspicious about the vegemite in that photo :/

    And I am SO GLAD that I get so see you again so soon!!! More glad than I can tell you. I think every trip I make to the US makes that big old Pacific ocean just a little bit smaller. I love that. I love you!!


  3. Megan is the epitome of long distance / e-friendships. Come to think of it, so is Susie! You online folks make my life full and interesting. Happy belated birthday, Megan.


  4. It’s lovely watching your friendship, Susie and Megan! Our four boys had a great time playing with Megan’s kids (their second cousins) on our first trip to Tasmania this year. Here’s wishing the Sayer clan a wonderful trip and lots of new friends!


  5. I have a friend I met in college who was from Sweden… It has been years since we have seen each other but thanks to social media we can still be a part of each other’s lives ๐Ÿ™‚


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