Teen Writers and Sasquatch — Ask Susie

8 Comments on “Teen Writers and Sasquatch — Ask Susie

  1. HAHAHA!! You’re so funny! Thanks for that Susie 🙂

    Why the Pacific north west? Why?? Oh, That’s another question. Sorry.
    I’m flying into Oregon. I might see one…if they’re real. Which apparently they’re not. But you had a photo…

    I always thought Bigfoot was the same as a Yeti which was the same as the Abominable Snowman. I’ve really got my facts wrong, haven’t I? Hmmm.

    Love your new-look-with-subtitles video. Hilarious. You rock.

    Ah, well. Kangaroo, I guess. See ya later!


  2. Finally had a chance to watch this with Caedren. Thank you. She was so encouraged. We can’t wait to check out the teen writers blog. And, yes, she loves coffee. It’s her mother who despises the stuff.


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