Very Pinteresting!

Hey Howdy, Friends!

It’s Tuesday. Can you believe it? Make sure you get entered to win an attractive “Paint Chips” tote bag. Click HERE for your chance to win!


Yesterday, I read a GREAT article by literary agent Rachelle Gardner about how to help your favorite writers (ahem…or one you just really want to help out…like me, maybe). You can check out her blog post HERE.

One of her suggestions was to make fun “Pins” with quotes from the book to put on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

Well, I took her advice. As of right now, I only have a few to share (and they are on Pinterest…just in case you wanted to repin them). Here they are. You go on ahead and share them, pin them, whatever you’d like!







More to come later this week!

Have a lovely day!

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