Reading From Paint Chips

First of all, Congratulations To Kelly Haven! You won the super awesome, amazing, fun prize pack from Amelia Rhodes!

Second, I want to try another new thing here at the old blog. I have had the privilege  of sitting in on readings, hearing an author read his or her words. Well, since I can’t come and read to each of you individually (because I think I’d rather have coffee and chat if we were face to face), I thought I would record myself reading to share with you.

Forgive the video quality. And the angle of my face (I was reading off my computer).

And, if you like what you hear, I’d be honored if you would consider purchasing the Kindle version (sorry, still waiting on Barnes and Noble) or pre-ordering the paper trade book (out in April). Or, by all means, go ahead and order both. I’m not going to stop you.

The scene I’m reading today comes from Cora’s recollections of an event from her childhood.


8 Comments on “Reading From Paint Chips

  1. Still do not have a kindle, but I did add the app to my computer. I also called my son and told him what to get me for my birthday in a couple of weeks 😀


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