Test…Test…A Video Blog Attempt

Well, hello!

Today, I thought I’d try something new. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, so, hang in there with me.

I’d like to make video blogs a regular part of this space. However, computers and I have a dysfunctional relationship. I thought that, just for fun, I’d post a story. A true story.


12 Comments on “Test…Test…A Video Blog Attempt

  1. Hi, Susie! When I click on the video, it says “This video is private.”

    Could just be me, of course. Not real tech-savvy over here.


    • Oh…see THIS is why I decided to do a silly video first. Ugh. Technology.

      I just changed something. Hopefully it works now. Thanks for the heads up, Elizabeth!


  2. Hi Susie, Congrats on the release of Paint chips! I just got a tablet a month or so ago and am still learning how to use it – no small feat for someone going on 70! I plan to try to figure out how to buy and download the digital copy to my tablet.

    Also, several months ago you told me that you were willing to give 50% (I think?) of your jewelry profits to HFP in February. Do you remember that? Have you been doing any jewelry? I know you’ve been very busy with the book release and your video bogs, etc. But, please let me know.


    Judy VanderArk


    • Hi, Judy! Thank you! I hope you’re able to figure out your tablet. That kind of stuff is beyond me sometimes, too!

      Yes. I’m still willing to do the HFP fundraiser. I’ll send you the link via email so that you can let people know!

      Thank you!


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