2012 — What a Year…AND What a Book Trailer!

Last year, on December 31, we used an Applebee’s gift card to buy some appetizers. We watched the Sydney fireworks. We ring in the New Year with the Australians for the benefit of our kids.

Last year, on December 31, we had no idea what the new year would bring.

A month of Jeff traveling to work at Auto-Shows.

A new job for Jeff (and a new schedule for our family).

Book contract for me with WhiteFire Publishing for “Paint Chips”.

Homeschooling all three kids. One for Kindergarten. The other two for pre-school.

Megan Sayer came to visit from Australia.

Great times with family this year. And friends. Life in 2012 was crazy. But so, so good.

And, now, I end the year with sharing this. Think of it as my year end BASH!

Kris Bargen and Jesse Low made this beautiful book trailer for me. The lovely Melissa Anshutz and Quincy Lonier brought Cora and Dot Schmidt to life.

Please enjoy this trailer. And, by all means, post, repost, blog it, tell your friends all about it.

Thank you. And Happy New Year! I count each and every one of you as a blessing! I sure hope you are blessed in 2013!



2 Comments on “2012 — What a Year…AND What a Book Trailer!

  1. Holy cow! This is so incredible! LOVE the woman’s voice–she is spot on! I am so excited for you I can barely stand it!


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