“Paint Chips” for Christmas?

Christmas is coming. Aren’t you excited?

I know I am!

Did you know that “Paint Chips” releases 21 days after Christmas?

Yes sir/ma’am, it does.

Are  you lamenting the fact that you can’t give it as a Christmas present this year?

Sigh no more, friends! I have an idea!

Introducing the “Paint Chips-Stretching-Out-Christmas-Giving” plan.

Timeline cover for PC

Here’s the idea;

1. You contact me by email (email me at susiefink[at]gmail[dot]com)

2. Tell me for whom you are planning to buy the digital copy of “Paint Chips”

3. Provide their snail mail address

4. I will send them a Christmas card letting them know that they will receive their download on January 15…I’ll even send them a postcard with a synopsis of the novel

5. On January 15, you will receive an email reminder to purchase the book for your loved one, include instructions of how to do it (it’s very simple, you just need to know the type of device they use and their email address).

6. One Christmas present is marked off your “to buy” list

Sound good?

In order to make sure that the Christmas card arrives to your friend in time for Christmas, please contact me no later than December 20. If you live outside the continental United States, we’ll figure out something. 🙂

You may, of course, have it sent later…especially if you like to give gifts late. I like getting Christmas presents late. 🙂



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