Day 14 — The End is Near

The end is near.

Wait. What are YOU talking about? No…I’m not talking about Mayan Calendar or the Zombie Apocalypse.

Dude, I’m talking about my novel. The end is near. I’m closing in on the end.

I only have 3,650 words left to hit the 50,000 word mark (I’m totally not bragging. This draft is rougher than sandpaper).

But, closing in on 50,000 words doesn’t mean that I’m done.

No, Buddy.

I just finished chapter 52 out of 66 (again, the chapter sequence is rough). That’s easily another 20,000+ words. Whoo Doggy.

And when I get to the end, that’s when the real gut wrenching work begins.




Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Wanna know something? “Paint Chips” went through 11 re-writes. If only I could tell you how much of that novel got cut, how many characters were removed or merged into another character, how much different the 11th edition is from the 1st.

The end is near.

But then, I’m going to start all over again. With a BIG HUGE SMILE on my face.

Editing is when the real fun begins.

Okey Doke. I need to get back to writing/sleeping/drinking coffee/all of the above.

Best of days to you!

Oh! And we have a winner from Monday’s Drawing for “Until We All Come Home”! Congratulations to LeighAnn P. Your book is on its way!

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