Day 5: Half Way

Tonight I wrote the 25,000th word on the first draft of my novel. That word, amazingly, was “wouldn’t”.

Romantic, right?

10 Comments on “Day 5: Half Way

  1. Awesome, Susie! 🙂 I just stalked you on the nano site and saw that you have way more than that now!! 🙂 Seeing your numbers go up keeps on pushing me!:)


  2. When I didn’t see an update yesterday I was concerned you hit a snag. Now I know you were too busy writing to have time to post. Keep the momentum going! Your fans are cheering you on.


    • Yesterday was furious. Today was tougher. I got caught in a scene that is quite a bit more emotional. That made for much more difficult writing. But, I just finished it. Hooray. On to some easier scenes.

      Thanks, Peter!


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