Day 2: Phases of Writing Crazy

Just for you…a look into the insanity of writing a novel in a month.

It really isn’t looking so good. Waking up hurts.
Then your awesome neighbor brings coffee. Joy and sunshine abounds.

At some point, you stop mid-sentence and wonder what in the world you were trying to accomplish by writing this novel.
Inspiration comes along with that second cup of mud. You feel brilliant and smart and stuff (what? I’ve got to reserve the good words for the book)
Uh oh. The deadly afternoon lull. Looks like you need some more coffee.
Caffeine running through your veins, you’ve hit that second wind. Back to the elated writing.

You write and write and write until you realize the rest of your time zone is snoozing away. You determine to get in…just…one…more…word…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You wake up in the morning with keyboard imprints on your face.

I love my job.

By the way, almost 36 hours into NaNoWriMo and I’m at 6,371 words and still feeling good.

Thanks, everybody for your support. It means the world to me.

13 Comments on “Day 2: Phases of Writing Crazy

      • I’m doing ok! I’m at about 4,000 – also trying to get ahead for the days my brain is sure to be mushy! I just think it’s fun to see how everyone else is doing, and it’s fun working on something completely new for a change:)


  1. The pictures make me giggle! I can’t even imagine trying to write that much at one time. I have trouble just writing a birthday card. 😛 God has given you a great gift, Susie! ❤


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