Holy Calling

I’m writing today as a part of the Breathe Christian Writers Conference blog tour. There is still time to register for the Breathe Conference. You won’t regret it! Click HERE to register.

I have written for free most of my career. Newsletter articles. Church dramas. Blog stories. All for free.

I’ve only gotten paid one time. $500 for a play that took over 6 months to write.

So, really, if my career has lasted 10 years, working part time, I’ve put in 10,400 hours of writing (and that’s a vast underestimate). That means I’ve made less than 5 cents an hour over the course of my career.

Wow. Talk about a lucrative lifestyle.

And yet, last year, someone implied that my decision to devote myself to writing was selfish.


Not long after, I attended the Breathe Conference. Over the two days of the conference, I heard that being a writer is a holy calling when we write for the glory of God. That we draw our inspiration from the Holy Spirit. That writing is a selfless, beautiful act of worship. An offering of praise, thanksgiving, lamentation, supplication.

The words of the presenters served as a reminder; writing is my calling. It is the way in which God uses me to further His kingdom.

I learned that God wants me to write.

And that when I do something for Him and for His glory then it doesn’t matter if I make 5 cents or if others think I’m selfish.

Holy callings are often misunderstood.

But, holy callings are joyful things.

My calling is to be a writer.

Glory to God.


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