One of my mentors over at Novel Matters has done something brave. She, after success in the traditional publishing world, has struck out on her own to self publish a novel.

That’s brave? you may ask.

Um. Yes. Totally.

And Sharon K. Souza  has done it. Not only has she written a book and put it out there. No. She created a story, pulled me in, showed me myself, and gave me a hug of redemption.

Am I being melodramatic?

No. This book truly served as a mirror to me.

“Unraveled” is a gorgeous book. Instantly drawing me in, I felt as if I were in the room, having tea with the characters. I savored this book, wanting to remain with the characters as long as I could. And, all at once, I found I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what would happen to them.

Sharon writes out of mercy. I’m certain of that. About a year ago, I read another of her books (“Every Good and Perfect Gift“…hurry, there are only 3 left on Amazon). She wrote in that book about infertility, friendship, early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The book was full of mercy. In “Unraveled”, Sharon wrote about doubt, the  mission field, human trafficking, suicide. She wrote with such compassion. Understanding. Mercy.

And mercy is one thing that the Lord requires us to love. (Micah 6:8)

Also, I love that this novel isn’t the squeaky clean, formulaic model of a novel. Rather, it is what Christian fiction should be. Convicting. Loving. Edifying. Glorifying to God.

A mirror to show us who we are. Even if that reflects the warts along with the beauty.

And, friends, I would make an appeal to you. Vote with your dollars.

No. This isn’t about the president (this is a politics free zone).

This is about creating a demand for better books. We complain that the great books don’t get the recognition they deserve. The way to fix it is to buy those great books. Tell our friends to buy them. Ask local book sellers to carry them on their shelves. “Unraveled” is a book that deserves to be read.



4 Comments on “Unraveled

  1. Great review Susie, thanks! This one’s on my Kindle – looking forward to reading it!


    • Sharon, it was my pleasure to write the review. The novel is beautifully written. I should be thanking YOU for the help Novel Matters is in my writing life. God is using all of you in huge ways.


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