Mr. Kraegel’s Very Great Book (rare Thursday edition)

20120802-093129.jpg  My kids have a new favorite book. It’s called “King Arthur’s Very Great Grandson” by Kenneth Kraegel (buy it HERE for $9.75!!! What a deal!

Usually when they get a new favorite book, I get tired of that book quickly.

However, this book is one that I gladly read several times a day. It is funny. Exciting. Heart warming. And the illustrations (also by the author) are gorgeous.

With nothing I have to censor.

No bratty characters.

Nothing scary.

No marketing of toys or candy.

No dumbed down language (my kids have learned some big words from this book).

Just good, clean story telling. With a message that touches my heart.

I highly recommend this book. Nobody paid me. I didn’t get a free book. I just love this book.

My kids have a new favorite book.

And so do I.


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