Hunky Knight Give-Away!

Wait. No. Not giving away a hunky knight. No.


OH! I remember! Let me explain.

The other day, my senior editor, Roseanna White  from WhiteFire Publishing dared me to incorporate a hunky knight into my current novel-in-the-works. Funny thing is…said novel is about a family of funeral directors.

So, I put it out there on my Facebook “Fan” Page. (Do you “like” me on Facebook yet? If not, pretty please…would you like me? You can see the page by clicking HERE). Well, we got some interesting ideas. I’ve collected them here on this post. What I need is for YOU to vote for the one that you like the most. I’m listing them by the first name of the contributor. All you have to do is comment below with the first name of the contributor.

By tomorrow night at 10 pm Michigan Time (the best time in all the world) I will declare a winner. The winner gets to pick one thing from my Etsy shop. In the case that the winner is a man and his wife/daughter/mother/grandmother/sister/cousin/neighbor doesn’t want anything…well…I’ll figure out an equally awesome prize. Like a box full of lug nuts or chocolate wrenches or something VERY manly.


Here are the ideas!

Jodi: could the knight be in a book that another character is reading? Maybe she compares her love interest with the knight and struggles with expectations.

Kathi: How about a flash back in time to the death of a knight and how his burial would have been dealt with. It could be a heart wrenching death in the arms of his damsel and what transpires with his body afterward.

{These next few build on a common idea thread…duke it out, friends)

Jenny: One of the funeral directors should secretly be a knight that fights at medieval festivals. But he is such a mild-mannered gentleman and so quiet spoken that no one would ever have thought he was a brash, daring knight as well. 🙂

Barry: Better yet he was killed while jousting at a medieval festival and the director has to hold a funeral with all the medieval re-enactors in attendance. Maybe the insist on a pyre?

Steven: (cross sectioning part of his novel with mine…Alex and Sheila are from his story) Alex and Sheila will go to the funeral in my book, at Susie’s funeral home, where they sort of mourn their knight friend, who accidentally stabbed himself in the foot with his sword, and instead of getting medical attention, insisted on staying in character and tried to put moldy bread on it, thinking the natural penicillin would work just fine and that antibiotics would seem too artificial. Alex of course, just trying to stay authentic, thinks that maybe they should just give him a good bleeding to expunge the foul bodily humors. Sheila votes for leeches. The knight dies while they debate, and then the dead corpse just narrowly avoids being served as the ‘Dragon slayer special’ at the Gabacker. I like it. Of course, in Susie’s book perhaps the scenario should be what do you, as a funeral director do when someone dies in extremely humorous fashion?

Jessie: Could one of the caskets or cold box things be a time portal? Seriously loving the funeral with all the reactors in attendance.

Nikki: The first thing I thought of was that someone in the book was having a dream about being a knight.


A few of these ideas already have votes. I’ll include those in the final count. NOW, you all need to get your family and friends to vote for your favorite!!! Ready. Set. GO!


**disclaimer: I’m not tied to using these ideas in the actual novel. Sorry. But, if I do, you’ll most likely get an acknowledgement for sharing a great idea…

10 Comments on “Hunky Knight Give-Away!

  1. I vote for Jenny’s. But then, I’ve always had a fondness for Clark Kent/Superman types…


  2. I’m leaning towards Barry’s idea simply because I don’t expect the novel to be extremely humorous (a la Steven DeVries) or sci-fi/fantasy. It wouldn’t be too far out of the ordinary to have a “knight” from the SCA or a medieval festival-goer die from an accident, with a funeral appropriated by costumed mourners; what would be really interesting, would be to then discover that he actually had been knighted by the Queen for one thing or another, and there were cross-Atlantic ramifications of his demise.


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