Dreams Come True

When I was a little girl I had a dream. I lived to fulfill this dream. Visualized what life would be like when I achieved it. How I would need to work hard, be dedicated, never give up.


I never did get to be a cast member on Saturday Night Live.




But there was this other dream.  It all started in 4th grade…


In Science class we had six choices for a project about outer space. I wasn’t the best science student. So these options were daunting…

1. Create a model space ship (uh…no thanks)

2. Create a moon rock (zzzz)

3. Research the space program. Write a report. (eh)

4. Make a diorama (or something science-y like that)

5. Yada yada yada (by this point my brain was mushy…science was never my thing)


But then I got to #6.

6. Write a short story about going on a space mission with your friends.


“Huh,” I thought. “That sounds easy.”


So, that’s the one I picked. It turned out to be not quite so easy. But I loved the work. I wrote about wandering onto a space ship while on a school field trip (yeah…because NASA’s so loose on security). The astronauts mistakenly took off while we were on the ship (somehow we’d managed to get into astronaut outfits). We ate astronaut ice cream and used the funny potties. I do believe that we went for a moon walk and waved at the aliens flying by.


Okay. Okay. SciFi isn’t my genre.


The point is…I loved writing that story. And so I wrote others. Stories about ponies and princesses. About a little girl who played by herself and created friends in her head. I even tried my hand at poetry (you should have read the one I wrote after River Phoenix died).


Eventually, a few years ago, I starting writing a novel. It’s called “Paint Chips”. The experience was beyond exciting. It was terrifying and beautiful and life-changing. It was also incredibly humbling. It was the first time I felt that I was tapping into something other than me. Other writers understand this. And it’s so difficult to explain.


Then, yesterday,  I got an email from a publisher. WhiteFire Publishing. They are going to publish my novel.


I folded over, so overjoyed that I was in a little pain. I never knew that was possible.


I’m okay. Don’t worry. The pain only lasted a minute. Then the jump-up-and-down feeling started.


This is actually happening. And it’s so much better than being on SNL.


I’ll keep you updated on what happens now. When the book will be released. How I’ll need your help (beyond buying the book).


Thank you all for your support. You are my core group of readers and I will forever appreciate each of you.


By the way…this is a true story. 😉


27 Comments on “Dreams Come True

  1. So overjoyed for you I cannot put it into words!!! (Can I hire you to write a reply for me!?!?)
    I love you and I’m so excited for you!!! Let me know what to put on the t-shirt so I can be that walking billboard!!


  2. That is so awesome. I am so happy for you! Looking forward to reading it.


  3. We’re so excited to have you in the WhiteFire family, Susie! And we’re really honored to have a hand in bringing this dream to life.


  4. Wow! Susie, I am so proud of you! I knew you were talented…just didn’t know about the writing part. Well, now I know! Congratulations!


  5. The best part of this story is, this is only the beginning. You have so many stories to tell. And we all can’t wait to read them!


  6. So, what grade did you get on the story you wrote for science class? (That’s Jenna code for “I am in awe of you. Way to go for your dreams. You deserve this. Thank you for persevering. You give me hope. God is smiling–He knew this would happen even before 4th grade.”) Giant congrats!


    • 🙂 Thank you, Jenna!!! And, fun fact, I never turned the story in! I was too afraid that the teacher wouldn’t like it. The next time someone actually read a piece of my fiction was my sophomore year in college. Fortunately, God helped me get over the fear.

      And I have been in awe of His timing the past few weeks. Seriously. He’s been setting things up.


  7. Susie, I cannot express how happy I am for you–to see your childhood dream fulfilled. I hope you have some big celebrations ahead!!!


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