Breaking Ties–Two Stories One Vote!

Alright, Everybody.

We’ve got a tie that needs breaking. I’ll have the vote open until Thursday night…11:23 pm.

Here are the stories…

Luke’s Journal–Inspired by Julie Weber

What If–Inspired by Steven DeVries

I’m glad that my vote doesn’t count…I wouldn’t be able to choose!

Ready? Set! VOTE!

14 Comments on “Breaking Ties–Two Stories One Vote!

  1. I’ve been rather scattered as of late, and I know I’ve missed a vote or two, so I’m glad I get a second chance with this one. I vote for “What If.” A beautiful story, Susie.


  2. My vote is for “What If.” Isn’t it amazing that just talking together can solve some our deepest problems? Talk – honestly. Maybe that is something the church needs to get on board with in a big way.


    • You’re right. I think that something that we lack in the Church is honesty. Both of these stories deal with taboos. Gender identity and sexual issues within marriage.

      Thanks for the vote! (is this Beki?)


  3. Does this mean that we get to vote twice…to break the tie? If so, then What If gets my tie-breaker vote! 😉


  4. Agree wholeheartedly on the church needing to be open on all subjects. Taboo shouldn’t even be a word used when it comes to the church. That right there is why Satan has such a hold in these areas. As soon as Christians stop talking (and by that I mean opening up the discussion for God to speak), Satan can take over. That’s just part of why I love how you write, Susie. You open things up and bring them towards Jesus in the most loving, real, unjudging way. Exactly like Christians should. Absolutely perfect. There I go again… Hhhhhh… Ok, I too am glad for the extended time of voting as I was just today able to catch up. So, tough decision like always… I’ll vote for ‘What If’.


  5. 😀 That’s what I meant Susie. We voted on the three earlier and then we get to vote AGAIN to break the tie! That actually makes me pretty excited because it was a tough call for me between What If and Without Jane…in the end, I sorta got to vote for both! 😉


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