It’s a Voterific Day!

Here are the stories to vote for this week! Please share this with your friends. The more votes, the more fun!

Primal Carnage–Inspired by Kelly Haven

The Smiley Clock–Inspired by Mary Anderson

Sick–Inspired by Carrie Leazenby

You have until Monday night at 11:30 pm. Just go ahead and leave a comment on this post!


Thanks so much!

33 Comments on “It’s a Voterific Day!

  1. Primal Carnage. finally had time for my missed Susie reading. I got to read your stories for 1 hour straight. Best one hour in a long time.


    • Oh, Marianne. Thank you. You have been so encouraging to me. I’m glad you got some time to read. And I’m honored that you chose to ready my stories. 🙂


  2. It’s always hard to choose but I choose sick. In the end she found out she was really loved and that’s sweet, I kept expecting the smiley faced clock to murder someone so it made me nervous.


    • Yeah, I really want to keep working on that one. I think it could be a great redemption story…even more so than what it is now. Thanks.

      And, yeah, the smiley clock made me nervous, too.


    • Hitchcock-esque? Wow. Thanks.

      I’ll have you know that Mary Anderson DID have a smiley face clock and it DID go missing. But I don’t think I had anything to do with that. 😉


  3. Another week of great stories and a tough call. I pick Sick. Cuz that rhymes. And I like her name. And I want to know more!


    • Thanks, Kelly! And thanks for the fun idea! And, did you know that the Smiley Clock story was based on Mary Anderson? And it was her idea! She, one time, stood over Laura Stomm and said “Why do you make me hurt you, Laura”. It was scary!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • I did picture her in that roll. I think it helped to know Mary while reading it.


  4. Sick. There are so many people out there that don’t feel like they could be loved just as they are. It is also a great reminder to let people know how much they mean to us.


  5. Another week of delayed voting because I just can’t decide……

    Ok…. I think Primal Carnage because I just loved the note in the puke. 🙂 And I think I’m going out to stock “The Burb’ with disinfectant and rubber gloves. No need to pack extra clothes, we could already clothe an army with what they leave in there after every 5 minute trip.

    Can’t wait to read this week’s!


  6. I vote for Sick…wow – I didnt get a chance to read it until now and it really good!


  7. I know it’s too late to vote. Like Marianne, I got behind. Just caught up today and enjoyed me some overdue Sooze (had to rhyme for Amelia). So I should be back on track for next week. And like Kelly said, I totally understood the Smiley Clock, as would anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Mary Anderson.


  8. I feel REAL strange voting for my own idea….but not strange enough not to do it! 😀 I REALLY got a kick out of Primal Carnage and The Smiley Clock, but in the end, Sick left me wanting more…that’s probably the only time I can use the word sick and wanting more in the same sentence! 😀


    • Oh, please! Don’t feel strange voting for your own idea! 🙂 And, yes, I’ll be working on this more…eventually. I have another novel to write first.

      Or…could I work this into THAT novel? Huh. Yes, I think I could!


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