First Vote of the New Year!

Hi, Friends!

So, we’re having our vote from right now until Monday night at 11:45 pm. Go ahead and vote by commenting on this post. Cool? Here were the stories from last week.

The Element of Surprise–Inspired by Annette Deaton

Sasha and Bill–Inspired by Jessica Wilson

The Riches of Babylon–Inspired by a Mysterious Person

Enjoy voting! Also, make sure you “follow” this blog so that you don’t miss out on any of the stories! They can go right to your email in box. Now…how much more convenient can that be?

12 Comments on “First Vote of the New Year!

  1. Hard to decide…. again! Ok, Riches of Babylon, but Sasha and Bill was a CLOSE second!


  2. Dang it, Susie, I thought we talked about this. Repeat after me, “I will write one excellent story and two crappy stories. I will make voting easier on my readers.” Go on. Repeat it. 100 times. (good grief)

    That being said, I’m going to put in a vote for “The Element of Surprise” — a very cute/light story, and that was what I needed. 🙂


    • Oh. I’m sure as we get further into this month that I’ll have more crappy stories. Not because of crappy ideas…just because of insanity! My own, specifically.

      Thanks, Kristi. I’m glad you enjoyed that story! 🙂


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