The Best of December! VOTE!

Here it is…the best of December, 2011. And I need you to vote on which story was the BEST! The person who had the best story idea in the month of December gets a Love Calcutta Arts Journal (made by women who were at high risk for entry into the sex trade…but LCA gives them a job and a hopeful future!).

Here are the winners from December.

Scourge–Inspired by Kristi West

Cake–Inspired by Kristi West

Milton’s Quest–Inspired by Kristi West

Mama Love–Inspired by Holly Becker

Just for fun…let’s switch things up a bit. If you comment on this post, you can have one vote. However, if you post it on your Facebook or to Twitter, you can have one more vote. Sound good?

I’ll announce the December winner on Friday, January 6!



19 Comments on “The Best of December! VOTE!

  1. I like Scourage best of the four stories. Thanks for the good reads, Susie.


  2. Hmmmm….. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Kristi was rigging this whole thing….. 🙂 None the less, my vote goes for Milton’s Quest. I love that little mouse, and I seriously think you should make it into a children’s book (or series- “The Adventures of Milton”). 🙂


    • Well, Kristi’s making up for last time when she had 3 stories and no winners. 😦

      I enjoyed writing Milton. I’ll have to think about making it into a book. 🙂

      Thanks, Darcie!


  3. Milton’s Quest -but seriously hate choosing. 🙂 your short stories are a nice break for me each week.


  4. Milton must be one from the week that I somehow missed. Just read it. LOVE it! What a chuckler! Is that a word? I looked it up….it is. 😀 Anyway, Milton has my vote for December AND….if I can figure out how to post this on facebook I will let you know what my second vote is! 😉


    • Milton it is! And all you have to do is go to Facebook where you saw this post and hit “share”. :)) Thanks for your vote! And for looking up the word “chuckler”.


  5. That easy, huh? One of these days I’ll have all this technical stuff figured out….probably just in time for it to all change again.


  6. Alrighty…that was so easy, I should be ashamed of myself…hehe. But, I’m not. 😉 Even though it won’t change the outcome I am going to give my second vote to Scourge. That story really moved me, simply put. I hope you’ll write more of it. ❤


  7. Loved all of these stories. Milton’s Quest was the one I enjoyed most.

    Scourge, Cake and Mama Love all were moving, the characters easy to care about, which is why it was easy for the tears to flow. Each story was complete in itself, but at the same time ends with you wanting to know, “what happens next?” Like a good restaurant that leaves you satisfied and yet wanting to come back for another meal.


    • Thank you, Martha! Your encouragement means so much to me. I’m so glad that you were moved by the stories. And that you enjoyed Milton’s Quest. It’s nice to know that it was as entertaining to read as it was to write.


  8. Goodness this is hard to decide!!!! Ok, I think I’m might have missed the deadline, but if I didn’t…. Scourge….. But I almost didn’t vote because I just couldn’t choose! They were all great!


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