Vote! Rock the New Year!

Whoopsie Daisy! Last week I got off the rails of the crazy train. I thought I could get everything done. Regrettably, I’m a little off schedule. Forgive me?

Here’s the vote for this week! Then, in a few days, you’ll have the chance to vote for all the December winners! You’ll crown one lucky idea giver “Supreme December Idea Maker”. Ah, the pathos. The pomp and circumstance.

But first, you need to pick a winner from last week’s stories.

Mama Love–Inspired by Holly Becker 

The Man Upstairs–Inspired by Joe Shadduck

Alone, Together–Inspired by Karen Fallot

You’ll have until Tuesday night at 11:59 to place your vote (bonus days for those of you sleeping in today). Then we’ll have the BIG December vote Wednesday through Friday.


21 Comments on “Vote! Rock the New Year!

  1. In spite of the fact that you refuse to write one good story and two crappy ones, in order to make it easier on your readers/voters . . . I’m putting my vote in for “Mama Love.” I have friends with an autistic child, and you really made me want to smack the “friends” in that story on their behalf. 🙂


    • I’m sorry. I’ll try to be better at writing crappy stories 😉

      Thanks for the vote. You had the reaction I wanted. Let’s teach those “friends” a lesson!


  2. What a decision!! I’ve been back and forth on this one…. but I think I’ll go with “Mama Love”


  3. I love it when hearts connect over shared experiences. Add that to my heart breaking for the innocence of children and that wisdom can come from anywhere… and Alone, Together gets my vote.


    • Thanks, Annette! I really want to work more with the complexities of Sally…sad and afraid and yet putting on a happy and rambunctious face. That is a story I want to work more.


  4. Am I too late? I think I missed one over Christmas and now I am off! If it’s not too late, than Mama Love gets my vote this week. 🙂


  5. Hard choice again! My vote goes to The Man Upstairs–the revenge-minded turning humble and repentant only to find someone who needed compassion struck a chord with me. Imagine the lost opportunity if they’d just moved or continued their contempt!
    All three done very well, Susie!


  6. Tough one, this. Two sad stories of the misunderstood, one hopeful story of “the beginning of a bee-yoo-tiful friendship.” The first two made me very uncomfortable because they are so familiar. The third reminded me of Sarah Crewe, and Anne of Green Gables, and the deep friendships that can be formed under the most trying of circumstances.

    But “The Man Upstairs” took me by the throat and squeezed until I choked. I can still picture the man’s face as he realizes that Christine really wants to be a friend – and imagine what kinds of raw emotion fill his heart from this sudden, unexpected gift of compassion. That physical manifestation of the love of Jesus gets my vote.


    • Thanks, Rob. You know, it’s always very interesting to see the combination of stories for each week. I schedule them as they come. But often, there are a few themes running throughout. I wonder if that’s just my bias showing through?


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