Challenge Vote #2

Okay! Time to vote! Just go ahead and leave a comment below with the name of the story you think was best for this week. Click on the links below to read the stories The contenders are…


Marry Christmas–Inspired by Holly Becker

Chat–Inspired by Michelle Reinhold

Cake–Inspired by Kristi West

Feel free to send your friends this way to read the stories and cast their votes!

25 Comments on “Challenge Vote #2

  1. Cake, You made it into something I would have never thought of with the idea given. I would have thought something funny about dad making the cake.


  2. Oh man, I can’t decide. I like all of them! Sometimes I have to choose based on which one I would probably pick up to read first….so I’m gonna go with Cake this week. Thank you, Susie! I really enjoy hearing what you come up with! ❤


  3. Hi there! Annette Deaton introduced me to your stories. I am up visiting them this weekend and she showed you off big time! 🙂 You may know of me as “Anne”. My middle name. “The Farewell” was beautiful, I hope you wouldn’t mind if print it off to keep? Your writings are lovely and you are gifted. I will have to go with Cake for these ones. That Hope there at the end really got me.
    Can’t wait to follow along with your future stories:)


    • Hi, Kelsi! I’m so humbled that Annette showed you the stories. And I am more than honored to meet the “Anne”. Of course, please feel free to print it. And thank you for asking first. I truly appreciate that consideration. Thank you for the encouragement. I look forward to interacting with you. Feel free to find me on Facebook if you’d like.


  4. Ack! I almost missed it! Definitely Cake; and not just because I really like cake, but because it’s a great story (and it made me cry….again….).


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