Challenge Me

After the incredible popularity of the September Challenge (and the massive fun I had) I’ve decided to have another 2 months of challenge! December and January will be dedicated to short fiction…and all the ideas will come from you!

Here’s how it’s going to work this time:

1. You give me one character with a name and one characteristic

2. You give me one setting

3. You give me one (yes, only one very specific) conflict

I’m only accepting 26 story ideas. So, act fast to make sure you’re one of the first ones to submit an idea! I’ll post stories Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

There will be a winner for each week. The finalists from each week will go on to the semi-finals at the end of each month. Both semi-finalists (one for January, one for December) will win a journal made by Love Calcutta Arts (I’ll purchase this from Better Way Imports)…

Pick between red and black (pen not included...sorry)


Then the semi-finalists will go head to head in a final vote that will be held the beginning of February. The Ultimate, Super Cool winner will be awarded with a bag from Freeset (also purchased from Better Way Imports)…



So…put your idea in the comment section. Remember, keep it simple and get ready for some fun in December!


57 Comments on “Challenge Me

  1. Character: Anne (20 yrs old) – Caring

    Setting: Catholic Church

    Conflict: The love of her life, Seth, whom she has cared for through years of sickness though recently they were off, has died, and now she must say goodbye.


  2. Character — Jane; after several miscarriages, is finally through the first trimester of a healthy pregnancy

    Setting — either the doctor’s office or home, just after an appointment with the doctor

    Conflict — Jane has just been diagnosed with cancer


  3. ……………………………………. So glad that you are doing the short stories again. I enjoyed them.


  4. Character/Characteristic–Katie; a teen who is lonely and isolated from friends and from her faith

    Setting–an internet cafe she frequents after school

    Conflict–she is involved in an internet relationship with a college boy–she calls it just a long-distance friendship, but it is really “friends with benefits” and their online chatter has become quite sexual in nature


  5. Character — Frank; 40(ish)-year-old father of three

    Setting — his kitchen

    Conflict — with his wife out of town, Frank must make his 10-year-old daughter’s princess birthday cake; he’s never baked anything in his life


  6. Yeah, why is it I can come up with all sorts of ideas for you but nothing for myself?!? *sigh*


  7. Ok, so #2…

    Character: Lilly (age 7), Innocent

    Setting: A psychologist’s office

    Conflict: After being mute for 3 months, while playing with her favorite Horse begins to describe the accident that claimed her own life, and from which she was miraculously healed.


  8. Character — Larry Kotter; an 11-year-old boy

    Setting — the cupboard under the stairs of his aunt and uncle’s home in London, England

    Conflict — he finds out he is a wzard who must fight the most evil wizard of all time

    Man, this sounds familiar! Maybe I should tell you about my idea for a story about a sparkly vampire named Fredward, instead . . .


  9. Okay, seriously, last one:

    Character — Milton; a small brown mouse

    Setting — his home, which happens to be in a castle (I leave it to your discretion what that home will entail)

    Conflict — needs to get past the cat to the dungeons, where a cheese-hoarding rat has his girlfriend held hostage

    (You can blame Drew for this one.)


  10. #3

    Character: Kate (late 30’s), Extremely witty

    Setting: The docks.

    Conflict: Kate and her husband, Sam (both CIA), seem to be walking into a trap by the ones they are about to arrest. They are completely confident, though the new recruit is completely overwhelmed.


    • Interesting. Thanks, Annette!

      Just to let you know…last time we had a 3 idea limit. So, I’ll probably have that rule for this time, too.

      Thanks so much for the great ideas! I can’t wait to write them!


      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Otherwise just go with the first one. I came in too late to submit any ideas last time so I was excited, maybe too much πŸ™‚


  11. Character: Sarah
    Trait- intuitive
    Setting- Park
    Problem- notices 3 year old son does not appear to be developing the same as his peers (speech patterns and social interactions)


  12. Sally is 10 and fun-loving.
    She lives in an orphanage.
    Conflict: A 4 year old girl just came to live there and they share a room. Sally wants the little girl to warm up to her, but is so exuberant she scares her…at first…


  13. Character: Sasha
    Conflict: Russian Immagrant, moved to the US to make a better life, but married a man who has an addiction, has 2 sons, 1 with a minor disability and has just found out that her youngest has been diagnosed with a Long Term Disability (Williams Syndrome), Due to her children’s disabilities she has to put her career on hold.
    Setting: Anywhere USA present day.


  14. Character: Sam
    Character Trait: Likes Routine/Does not deal well with unexpected interruptions
    Setting: In a van with spouse and 4 kids. Travelling back home after holiday with the in-laws. Still a few hours from home travelling through a snow storm.
    Problem: One of the children ate too many Christmas goodies and just threw up.


  15. Harvey- 50 years old, farmer
    Small farming community in the Mid-west 1960’s
    An old childhood aquaintance (now a lawyer) arrives who happens to know things about Harvey’s past that would threaten his reputation and possibly change his life completely.


  16. Elizaveta, 74 years old.

    Elizaveta is an impoverished Russian immigrant who has been living in the United States for the past 35 years with her husband. Her husband of 50 years has just passed away. She is returning home after the funeral, feeling very alone.


  17. 1. Luke- 16, Handsome

    2. North Dakota- November 2011

    3. Luke attends a small high school in North Dakota and although he’s been raised a boy, he identifies himself as transgender. He plans on announcing his true struggle and identity to his family this coming Christmas.


  18. 1. Harold, middle aged man
    2. Christian couples retreat
    3. Harold is happily married except that his wife is no longer interested in or capable of, intimacy. Harold meets a nice woman who actually seems interested in his life and begins to wonder: what if.


  19. Character: Jane, an eighteen year-old who has escaped her abusive family in an old car which is on its last legs.
    Setting: Side of the road in the middle of nowhere, pouring rain, car (not a Subaru!) which has just stopped working.
    Conflict: a man stops to help her, but she’s not sure if she can trust him. Inclined not to … but what else can she do? Note: she has a gun in the glove compartment which she stole from her old man.


  20. Character: Castalia, a struggling 15 yr old torn bewteen following the crowd or following her heart and living for God. She was abused by gpa, mom abandoned her and her dad raised her alone.

    Setting: amish country ( just moved here to start over, used to live in big city)

    Conflict: internal struggle with following the trend of being rebellious or living a life for God as she truely wants to but is afraid of where God may lead her.


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