Guest Post: Annette Deaton

Today’s post comes from my good friend Annette Deaton. This lady is talented, let me tell you. This picture and the story that goes along with it moved me. 


[This] picture…is a pencil sketch I did in honor of my Grandfather whom I never met. My Mom’s Dad was a prisoner of war in WWII.  He had a contraband piece of lead that he carried in his mouth for a pencil and a small booklet for paper in which he would log the days and kilometers marched.  The picture is based on a photo I found online while researching POW marches; German officers in front, prisoners behind.  The writing is exactly as he had written it.  A lot of the names of the towns have changed, but I was able to map out a pretty precise route following his notes.  The outline of the map of Germany and his march are the other elements of this piece.  My brother David ‘commissioned’ this drawing and it is the most meaningful and complex I have ever done.  I ended up giving copies to my Mom’s brothers and sisters and my Grandma for Christmas 2007.  Grandma died that next April.  She died in her sleep.  And this picture was on her nightstand.

Does your family have any WWII stories? What kind of military heroes have you known? What made them heroic?

2 Comments on “Guest Post: Annette Deaton

  1. Thank you for sharing that Annette. How incredibly powerful this is….
    Thank you Susie for posting this.


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