And The Winner Is….

“Killing Urges” inspired by Amy Sue Williams! Congratulations, Amy! I’ll get in touch with you about the fabulous Freeset T-shirt!

Want to read the winning story, click here.

Did you miss any of the stories? Looking to get caught up? Well, here’s a list of all the stories (in the order in which they appeared)…

Good-bye, George — Inspired by Kristi West

Starting Over — Inspired by Julie Weber

Boston and Babies — Inspired by Alex Skye

The Timpanist — Inspired by Jessie Heninger

Playing Debussy — Inspired by Holly Becker

Farmboy Soldier — Inspired by Rob Meyer

The Break — Inspired by Rachel Tear

No Going Back — Inspired by Megan Kidd

When I Woke Up — Inspired by Marianne Badongen

Used Car Exile – Inspired by Shannon Caroland

Being Found — Inspired by Kristi West

Fierce Memory — Inspired by Lindsay Clem

Distance — Inspired by Beki Hodgman

Play Acting — Inspired by Betsy Carter

Bucket Kicker — Inspired by Kate Fineske

The Removed — Inspired by Megan Sayer

Runaway — Inspired by Mandy Rose

Broken and Empty — Inspired by Kristi West

Zernogin and the End of the World — Inspired by Brian Carter

The Bearded Lady — Inspired by Betsy Carter

Shunned — Inspired by Trevor James O\’Brien

Implosion — Inspired by Karen Schravemade

Prank — Inspired by Nickole Huffman

Leaving — Inspired by Heather Hammond

Blood Out — Inspired by Adam Meyer

Hostage — Inspired by Holly Becker



The Policy — Inspired by Amelia Rhodes


Mr. Fuzzington — Inspired by Robyn Orme

Dance of Hope — Inspired by Elizabeth Ferguson


A BIG thank you to all of you who provided these 30 amazing inspirations! And another BIG BIG thanks to everyone who read them!

I will be taking a short break (so that I can finish my novel). However, don’t fret! There will be 5 posts each week. Some from my archives, some from fabulous guest posts and some of really beautiful art!

Get your ideas together. We’re doing this challenge in January! Let me get your mind thinking:

Name one character, one personality trait, one setting, conflict in 10 words or less.



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