Voting Sunday – Part three!

Whew. What a week full of stories! Please read through all of them and vote for the one that worked the best, or just the one you liked the most! Happy Reading!

Used Car Exile – Inspired by Shannon Caroland

Being Found — Inspired by Kristi West

Fierce Memory — Inspired by Lindsay Clem

Killing Urges — Inspired by Amy Sue Williams

Distance — Inspired by Beki Hodgman

Play Acting — Inspired by Betsy Carter

Bucket Kicker — Inspired by Kate Fineske


To vote: please comment on this post! And, please feel free to “share” this on Facebook and Twitter! The more votes the merrier!


Thanks for reading! You are all my favs!


18 Comments on “Voting Sunday – Part three!

  1. I loved Killing Urges, but I’m voting for Distance because I really want that t-shirt (and, happily, I really loved that one too)! I can really see that story developing into something more.


    • I’m hoping to turn that story into something longer. I’m thinking of putting together a collection of some of these stories (with a lot of edits and added length).

      Good luck on getting to the final vote! 🙂


  2. Once again, VERY difficult choice. While Killing Urges wasn’t my favorite read (so dark and deep), it has my vote this week. Amazing job Susie!


  3. Killing Urges: for the boldness of the idea, the strength to conquer it, the mercy asked of it, and many more reasons.


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