Sunday Voting…Week 2!

Thank you for reading the stories from the September Challenge Contest. Last week’s winner was Starting Over — Inspired by Julie Weber.

This week we have 6 stories up for a vote! Please read the stories, pick your favorite and vote on this post!

The Timpanist — Inspired by Jessie Heninger

Playing Debussy — Inspired by Holly Becker

Farmboy Soldier — Inspired by Rob Meyer

The Break — Inspired by Rachel Tear

No Going Back — Inspired by Megan Kidd

When I Woke Up — Inspired by Marianne Badongen


Voting will be open until Monday, September 12 at 11:59 pm.


Thank you for voting! And feel free to “subscribe” to this blog! Never miss another post! 🙂




34 Comments on “Sunday Voting…Week 2!

  1. I was going to ask if we could have two votes this week since there are more to choose from but you blew me away with, When I Woke Up, so I’m voting for that one. Do I get a prize for voting first? 🙂


    • Thanks, Kelly! I’m glad it blew you away…that’s encouraging! And, for being the first voter you win the Susie’s Premier Voter status…and that gets you…well…bragging rights?


      • By the way, before …Woke Up, I couldn’t decide between The Timpanist and No Going Back. I seriously would have needed two votes or to flip a coin.


  2. Oh goodness Susie….they’re ALL so good…this is so hard. I’m going with Playing Debussy. I totally empathized with Karen and her deep, unconditional love for her son. That one just pulled me in deep. Well done Susie. I look forward to more! ❤


  3. I wish I could vote for two. As a percussionist, I loved “The Timpanist,” but I have to go with “Playing Debussy.” It’s easier, I think, to write a happily-ever-after tale than one that is as heart-breaking as Dubussy, and you did a wonderful job.


    • Thank you, Ken! I really enjoyed the innocence and sweetness of writing “The Timpanist”. “Playing Debussy” was very difficult for me. I wanted so badly to end it happily.


  4. Ok….. this was hard again, but…. When I woke up gets my vote. Did I get it in on time?
    (I loved No Going Back as well, and I also think you should write that one as a novel! )


    • Thanks, Kathi! And it isn’t too late at all!

      I’m probably going to work with a friend on making No Going Back into a longer story (maybe not quite a novel…maybe a novella). Thank you for saying something about expanding it! 🙂


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